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We found a need for business to run webinars but without the hassle on understanding these tools in detail. Webinarlife helps companies with organizing, supporting them during the webinar and handles the post webinar activities. Only thing they have to do is get the speakers and content ready and send it to their contacts, the rest Webinarlife will look after.

Especially now with the current situation in the world webinars have increasingly grown in interests of companies. With plenty of video conferencing tools out in the market, we still see the opportunity for companies that want a reliable partner that can support them. Webinarlife is the right partner with years of experience of running webinars in the market.

The power of webinars

Webinars have been around for quite a few years and many companies around the world are ornganzing them on regular basis and has a lot of benefits. Firstly, you are able to reach anyone no matter where they are in the world to logon to the webinar. Its easy to get your message accross and get the feedback from the attendess and see who has been actively following the webinar. Its a cost saving as you don't need to book a meeting hall or venue. Everyone can attend the webinar at their own leisure. Experience the benefits yourself of organizing a webinar with Webinarlife and reach out to your audience.


At Webinarlife we use the software GoToWebinar to run the webinars. A reliable and solid webinar tool that works smooth on different devices and with even with lower internet speeds. It has an array of additional features that will help with the post analysis of the performance of the webinar and much more. Webinarlife is not affiliated with LogMeIn (GoToWebinar) nor are we selling the licenses. We merely use the platform and provide our support for our customers on how to run the webinar in the best possible way.


We are very proud to support our customers with our managed webinar service and welcome everyone that is looking for a reliable and knowledgable partner.


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