Running a successful webinar

Webinarlife is here to support to make sure you run a succesful webinar and therefore we created a useful guide to help on your way. Follow the steps in preparation of your webinar to ensure you are ready to go!

Reason why

One of the most important question is to ask yourself why do you want to have this webinar. What is that you want to achiveve with the webinar? Is to promote your business or do you want to inform your existing customers on new updates, services or products.

Check with your collegues or team and discuss on why a webinar would be effective. Once you have answered that question it will help in further setting the goals and selecting the right audience to reach.


Try to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and think whether the webinar would be relevant for them and would they go take the effort to register and attend the webinar. Make sure that topic and message is relevant and important enough for them to attend.

Check with a customer with whom you have a good relationship and get feedback on the relevance of the topic and webinar or discuss this with your team.

Selecting your audience

Like in any other event or campaign you select the group of people that are most relevant for you. Apply the same for running a webinar and select the audience that will have the most benefit by attending your webinar.

Check with your marketing and sales team for their list or segmentation of customers, prospects or leads that they feel should be invited.


As with everything content is key even for webinars, so make sure you spend some time on building a proper presentation, demonstration or panel discussion. Its easy for people to click away from the webinar if the content is not relevant, boring or presented in a bad manner.

Make sure you content is engaging, clear and to the point that would keep the attention of the attendee for the duration of the webinar. Ask a specialist or your marketing departement to help you build the content.


Its very important to have an engaging and interesting speaker running the webinar, this will help with the attendees paying attention during the webinar.

Make sure you have a speaker who has experience in presenting or is at an expert level on the topic.

Check with your teams inside the organisation who would be most suitable to run the presentation or demo.


Having a good moderator is very important to manage and structure the webinar. The moderator is the one that starts the webinar and does the introduction of the speakers and explains the agenda. The moderator will manage the questions that are being asked during the webinar from the attendees.

We would recommend to keep the questions for the end of the webinar for a 10 to 15 min Q&A session, that way you can select the questions that could be relevant to answered or have not been covered during the webinar.


To have a high attendance in your webinar its important that you schedule at least 5 to 7 days ahead giving you enough time to prepare.

Schedule the webinar at a time that is the best time to reach your audience. When the topic is very relevant to business operations its better to schedule this during business hours.

Scheduling tips

  • Schedule your webinar between 11:00 and 14:00
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are the best days for a webinar
  • Take timezones in consideration, and share the recording after for the people can't attend
  • Keep 5 to 7 days between the first invite and the webinar


Inviting your audience is key to ensure the best on attendance in your webinar. Make sure you have your mailing list ready, segmented and update to date.

Try to be as clear in your invitations on what the topic is about and why it is important or relevant for them to attend the webinar. Prepare an email camapaign through your marketing department or through your agency. Have your collegaues share and invite their customers, leads and prospects to join the webinar. Utilize social media in promoting your audience if the topic is more generic and suitable for a larger audience.

Reminders & follow-up

People are always busy and never have time or forget to register, so make sure you send regular reminders or direct follow-ups to make them aware of the webinar.

Schedule another reminder email, or call them to personally invite them to attend depending on how big your mailing list is.


On the day of the webinar it is important to be ready at least 30 min ahead of time as well as the speakers, moderator and everyone involved in the webinar.

Make sure you have the presentation ready, walk through it a few time with the team involved to make sure everyone is aware on what is being shared also to remove or hide any potential classified information. Its very important to always start at the time mentioned on the invite.

Post-webinar activities

The webinar gives you some interesting insights, from attendee attentiveness, questions asked and answered. All these insights can be used for marketing and sales results.


As with any other engagement it is important that you follow-up after the webinar for lead or sale qualification.

Share the recording and presentation with the attendees and with the absentees so they can look at the webinar again or check it out at a time more convenient for them.

Additional support

Webinarlife is more than happy to support you if you require help with creating the invites and ony other marketing materials to promote your webinar. Please reach out to us on contact@webinarlife.com



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